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NB Editors share their publishing plans

NB Editors share their publishing plans Michelle Cooper Head of the Children’s Section and of the Tafelberg imprint, Simone Hough (H&R) and Thea Korff (Best Books) gave us an interesting and informative overview of the publications they have lined up for 2017. A very exciting array. They also brought along some of the recent publications. It was great to see members, Helen Brain (The Thousand Steps), Karen Ahlschager and Marjorie van Heerden (Storiemuis) and Samantha van Riet (Rympies vir pikkkies en peuters) featuring prominently. Helen’s dystopian novel (the first in a series of three) for young adults has done particularly well and is already into reprint. The bold advertising used on the sports channels of DSTV seems to have paid off.

It was great to see Samantha featuring in the 2017 line-up as well.

Success in having your book or your illustrations is all about targeting the right publisher. The presentation gave us a good opportunity to see the particular niche that each of their imprints has. If the 2017 offering is anything to go by, Tafelberg  and H&R are open to a number of illustration styles.

It seems that the best bet for illustrators is to send a selection of your very best illustrations, either to show your particular style or your range. Just remember – the file must not be more than 5 megabytes. The three editors have a very good working relationship and happily send on work to each other when they think it might be of interest. Those writing for the trade market can post their work to Michelle or to Simone or send it electronically. See the NB website for their preferred modes of submission.

Thea Korff had very good news for those who make their bread and butter from education books –   It seems that there will be a call for submissions for textbooks later this year.

The morning was not only a chance to make personal contact with the editors and to gauge their interest in one’s work, it was also a chance to find out about submissions made and to network. Thanks to SASNEV for allowing us to hold the event in their wonderfully central venue.
We were sorry not to see Charles Siboto. But we don’t blame him for preferring to go to his own wedding!  Our very best wishes to you and your bride, Charles. May you have a long and happy life together.