Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

SCBWI Writers’ Retreat Presented by Alan Durant (Award-winning British Author)

The Retreat was greatly enjoyed by all participants.  It was a wonderful combination of good food, a range of interesting participants, a delightful venue and Alan Durant, who proved once more what an excellent facilitator he is.

This amazingly generous man has not only offered to read our books when they are ready for publication, but as a parting gift, he allowed us each to choose one of his books as a present.

Some of the responses to the weekend:

Have been thinking about the weekend and trying to determine how I feel about our two days together. I'm still unsure. Suffice it to say that even though it seemed more solemn and subdued than last year (and that may be in part because the real world was never far from us  in our broken humanity), I  still feel amazed at how much we explored and discovered…. I am lost in a world of poncy chameleons, flying rabbits, bald eagles who care, inventive polar bears, shells and  kisses on beaches, not to mention subversively wicked nursery rhymes….

Lynette Afonso

It was an absolute pleasure! I so enjoyed our fun weekend and learning more about crafting great stories. Thanks, Alan, for the fun exercises and for gifting us with books.

A very big thank you to Sam who organized the retreat, catering etc. and to Elaine for assisting.

Kathryn Kerr-Peterson

What a wonderful weekend it was. Alan, thank you so much for facilitating the workshop and toning our writing muscles. It was a fabulous writers' retreat with a great group of people. Now to put some of those tips to action!

Katherine Graham

Thank you Kathryn for the two days of hosting, cooking, cleaning and looking after the group.
Learnt a lot, laughed a lot and wish to thank everybody else for a most enjoyable time of lovely stories!

Louise Heckl

I would like to thank Sam and Elaine for a most special and inspiring weekend at Kathryn’s lovely venue.  It was really exciting. It was so nice to meet Alan – pity we couldn’t keep him! I especially liked how our brains buzzed together in listening and supporting one another as prompted by Alan.

Pam Lourens